People Search Engines 2019

Why use People Search Engines?

People search engines are a fantastic choice if you’re looking to locate a person. It’s a website with a niche focus on publically available information. They are known as a “people search website” or “People Search Engines”. They are a quick, convenient, cheap and painless way of finding people online.

There are many companies that provide this service and has a great history. We have been providing this service for many years and have a history in the investigation business. The information you might find could include a whole manner of personal information. As examples, this may include: employment, criminal records, tax, property, records etc and much more. You can find a complete list of this information here.

Charges for People Search Engines

There is usually a charge per record. In fact, we provide searches on a one-off or searches on a recurring basis. This is useful for employers, for example. In addition to this, our search services, including for background checks, marriage checks, divorce checks, phone number searches, reverse phone searches all provide free preliminary results.

Here’s an example of preliminary results using the search term “John Smith” in the state of New York.

Example of Preliminary Results from Quick People Trace.

Quality Content

The key point is that the quality of the information from a people finder site is “king”. Quality varies dramatically depending on which company you choose to use. This is because they all use slightly different data sources.

Very often Quick People Trace reports contain so much information they run to 50+ pages. This, of course,  is the beauty of the internet. So much information is available to you. As a people finder site, we have perfected the concatenation of this information so that it comes to you in an easy, readable, understandable format.

Why Not Run A Report On Yourself Now? Remember – the Initial Results are Free


Of course, consumer reports, credit reports, background checks etc were not always this easy to find with the convenience of a people search engine. In the “Old Days” you may have had to visit the County Clerk’s Office to check a court case or make formal public records request or search court records. You certainly would not have had such easy access to a consumer reporting agency or people finder sites or people search engines. Oftern you might find yourself buried in the white pages or sifting through library or high school records!

In addition to this, we now have Facebook and Twitter (and many more) social media channels where people have far more access than they think. This survey from the University of South Florida highlights that many people are not aware of their privacy settings on popular social networks, and in fact any user of, for example, Facebook can pretty quickly see that users are – at best – lackluster in their personal security. This information, when combined, can produce an excellent picture of someone and can verify (or not) other information from other sources.

Online Services

As a provider of people search / people finder services we take great pride in the quality of the information we provide. Our customers have rated our services constantly as good or excellent.  We also provide Marriage and Divorce checks and Reverse Phone Lookup searches. You can read more about these here.

What is SSN Search

SS Search

The context of SSN Search

Social Security Number Search is a very important way of locating and tracing people. Why? Because your social security number is attached to almost every “transaction” with the state and federal administration. It could be a job, welfare, insurance, a crime. It doesn’t matter. Your social security number is attached to you!

What is SSN Search?

Put very simply, SSN search uses your social security number to trace your activities. It enables – very easily – a whole host of data on you (or the person being searched) to be retrieved quickly. You can find out more about what data an SSN Search report might contain here.

SSN = Government Transactions

SS numbers are the key identifying number used for official government transactions. They are also used on credit records. There is, therefore, a huge amount of information connected with someone’s social security number.

SSN Search Usage

Of course, anything connected with the social security administration which, in particular, falls under the credit reporting act and FCRA regulated purposes which indeed must be used for legitimate purposes only.

Usage examples may include the following contexts:

  • deceased individuals
  • credit cards and applications
  • employment applications
  • keeping track which deaths were reported in the case of deceased persons
  • credit reporting act FCRA
  • social security death index
  • individuals reported to the social security administration

You can run an SSN Search now CLICK HERE!