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How To Find Out If Someone Is Married?

There are many reasons why you might want to check if someone is married. Perhaps you are dating or considering a proposal? Whatever the reason there are now tools at your disposal to check this easily.

Check Someone’s Status Whilst Dating

In the USA in 2019 over 45% of marriages end in divorce. This means that there are a lot of people who have “baggage”, who are single parents, and have other history. The harsh truth is that all too often this is not declared. Certainly it may not be declared initially.

Because it’s so easy to run a people search, you can check someone’s history even before going on a date. That way, you can see if they are up-front with you about their history. This is the acid test of trust isn’t it? If they are honest, that’s a great sign for your relationship. So if you’re dating. Run a marriage search. It’ll cost you less than $5!

Why find out Someone’s Marriage History?

Aside from the “dating phase” of a relationship, there are other more practical reasons to find out if someone’s married or has been married. The consequences for someone who marries a divorcee can be very different to those of someone who is single.

If someone is married, going through a divorce, etc, there may well be substantial financial, consequences. Child care / alamony payments for example. This will have an impact on you if your relationship progresses. So it makes a lot of sense to run a marriage check or a divorce search.

Arranged Marriages – Marriage Check?

A people finder website can not tell you if a person has been involved in an arranged marriage, but this would be useful information for you to check yourself, whilst doing your dating ‘due diligence’. It might also be useful to be aware of jurisdictions where gay marriage is legal. There have been many instances where homosexual couples have sought to re-marry in order to have a child, for example. In these circumstances it makes a lot of sense to find out if someone’s married.

How are Marriage Checks Conducted

Before the evolution of websites like Quick People Trace, men and women may have had to check with the county clerk to verify these types of records. Although marriage licenses or divorce records are indeed public records, a copy of a marriage certificate can be hard to obtain. Instead of trying records offices, the best advice is to narrow your search and check these vital records online.

We will provide a full search of someone’s background detailing a complete history and including all relevant records. You can read more about this here.

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