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Marriage Records

In the United States, checking marriage and divorce records is a perfectly acceptable and available public record to check: if you know how and where to look.

Usually, each state at the county or city level records population data in their jurisdiction. These points of data are called “vital records”, and indeed these include marriage records. Marriage records are typically based at the county clerk’s office in the area that the marriage license was issued.

Of course, the marriage ceremony might have taken place in a different location to which the license was issued. For example, many couples choose to have a civil marriage and then later a religious in a church, for example, or even in a completely different county, state or country!

Marriage Records Requests

This can indeed be further complicated by the requirement for the request of marriage records. Many records offices need the full name of both parties (including maiden names, where applicable) as well as the actual marriage date.

If this information is not available to you, it can sometimes be possible to request a search to be done based on the information you do have, but you usually need to do this in person and this usually comes at an extra cost.

Despite the fact that most marriage records are public records, in reality, they are almost always only available for a cost or simply difficult to find.  Here’s an example of a public library website that would take many hours of digging through. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to get this information? If you go the route of official requests, many states also require your own information – sometimes including a photographic ID – in order to complete this search. Getting results can take weeks as often records are hand searched and mailed.

Online Public Records Check for Marital Status

Given the issues associated with trying to find out if someone is married using the city, county and state channels as well as the expense, time and lack of anonymity – many people opt to use an online public records search company such as Quick People Trace. With just a name and last known place of residence (just the state is enough), we can instantly search and render all available public records – including records of marriage.
In addition to the marriage records (and divorce records), you’ll also receive details of any criminal convictions, bankruptcies, loans, and other judgments.

You can run a search and receive free preliminary results. Why not run a search on yourself now, so you can see what we mean?

Run A Marriage Search Now!

Start your Search with just a name and state to find marriage records and more!

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